Spencer Tollefson - A photo of me

Hello! I'm Spencer. Welcome to my website! I built this site as a project when I began teaching myself Python. It came to be a perfect medium to write down some things I learned and share projects I completed while attending the Metis Data Science Bootcamp. Enjoy browsing around! But first, some more about me:

I previously worked for the Peace Corps in Costa Rica (Pura Vida!), and then returned and completed a data science bootcamp with Metis. You can check out projects from that bootcamp in the Blog section. For my final project, you can try out a model I created to predict the likelihood of filing a successful TSA claim for damaged or lost property in the the TSA claim prediction app.

The Site

So what is this website and why did I create it? As mentioned earlier, the primary reason for building this site was as a learning and motivation tool. I used it to track what I learned, to keep a tech journal, and to expand on my projects. Please note, the resume linked in the menu above was last updated at the end of 2018! My LinkedIn page will likely have more recent information about my professional pursuits.

I built this site in Python using the Django framework for architecture and the Bootstrap Content Delivery Network for support in the layout. It's deployed via Heroku. I doubt I'll be creating websites too much more in the near future, but it's fun to have something to show for it!

FYI, I do not expect I will be spending more time contributing to this website.

Get in Touch

You may notice there isn't commenting anywhere on the site. I encourage you to contact me using one of the contact links below.