Foray into Web Dev with Django

February 23, 2018

Baby update: I've refined the cronometer script I mentioned last time and it's worknig today! I use it every morning. Small victories! Woooooooo.

I've earned a little bit of celebration because while I have been learning, I have also been struggling these past 12 days. Most of my learning has been in Test Driven Development (TDD) and the Django framework. I’ve been going through various tutorials for both of these topics, and I am certain I've learned a large amount of theory. I’ve also practiced some of this "theory" via tutorials. I thought – “oh, I’ll make a simple blog in Django and maintain my blog there” – kind of like I currently am doing on Github. But that goal feels a bit overwhelming for now, and I am often telling myself I want to get into Panda, Numpy, and other data science packages.

I should do that. This - learning Python and related topics - shouldn’t feel like a chore. Sure - learning can be tough - but when it's gone from frustrating to borderline miserable I should be changing to a topic I enjoy. I did learn a mountain of info about TDD and web dev with Django these past two weeks. I can always jump back in and pick up those topics again. But for now, I'm moving onto what I really want to get into... data science.

~ spencer tollefson ~

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