New Domain Name

April 27, 2018

I am the proud owner of the temporary rights to a domain name for the first time in my life. This is my first post using the Django-framework powered site: ! (I was hosting this blog under a different name before this).

Going forward this will be the permanent location for my website. Fitting, cause my name is pretty permanent, you know?

I have learned a ton in the past 2+ months, although my updates here haven't kept up. I've spent time learning how to use the basics of Django, diving into reading about statistical learning models, and also learning some of the python libs for numpy, pandas, and matplotlib.

Now that I finally have a functional site, I intend to get back to writing frequent journal entries and begin to construct blog posts here! Additionally, I want to add more functionality into this site and beautify it as well. Some examples may include using Markdown in my posts, tapping the Twitter API to allow people to tweet about my posts, building in HTTPS security (I can't with the free-tier Heroku server I'm using right now, oh well!), and add a resume section.

~ spencer tollefson ~

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