February 10, 2018

I had heard that word too many times before understanding it. Even after hearing an explanation, years passed before I had an understanding beyond an abstract level. And creating a script sounded like rocket science. What program does one use? How is it run? Do scripts only work in .exe files? Foreign concept. After diving into Python and basic computer science theory a few months ago, it clicked. Scripts were being made. I made scripts. The concept became tangible.

By slightly modifying code laid out in Al Sweigart’s Automate The Boring Stuff, I created scripts for custom Google and Google Map searches. Moving up a notch, I installed a version of Bash, a command-line language, and customized it to my liking. This allowed me to run scripts for those Google searches, Google Map searches, and even my own script for automating a work form by a few keystrokes. It was a neat feeling - I created these programs that serve special purpose to me.

It is as if I discovered some secret treasure. Hourly I'd append ideas of automatable tasks to a list. These tasks included renaming music files, moving photo files around, and entering data in frequently visited websites. I’m more excited now about my Python and coding journey than I had been in months. A lot of the learning I had done in the last few months was finally kicking in. Syntax felt less confusing. Basic workflow made sense. I spent less time wondering where to start and more time working on real problem solving.

Now I'm spending too much time blogging and not enough coding. Back to work!

~ spencer tollefson ~

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